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To allow the partner to track the status of transaction, QIWI uses notifications, which are HTTPS POST requests sent to the partner’s URL.


Each request consists of headers and the request body.

The Signature header of the request contains a digital signature. The digital signature is used to protect against request tampering: its value allows to verify that the notification came from QIWI and not from fraudsters.

The request body contains a JSON object with the notification data (data). The set of data depends on the type of transaction for which the notification is generated.

Notifications can be sent for both financial and non-financial transactions. An example of a financial transaction is payment confirmation, and a non-financial transaction is card verification.

For descriptions of notifications and examples of their contents, see the Payment API documentation.


Each time a partner’s server receives a notification, it must:

  • Compute the signature.
  • Compare the computed signature with the value from the Signature header.

In case of a mismatch, the notification should be ignored.

Please note

The partner is responsible for any possible financial losses that may occur due to the absence of signature validation.

Payment notifications should only be accepted from the specified IP address ranges of QIWI:


If the partner’s server has received and processed the notification, it should return an HTTP 200 OK response. Until then, QIWI will attempt to resend the notification within a certain time period.

If the partner’s server successfully received and processed a notification but did not respond with ‘200 OK’, it should not process repeated notifications with the same parameters.

An example of a successful notification handling scenario is shown in the diagram below.

%%{init: {
    "sequence" : {
        "actorMargin":90 }}}%%
    participant B as QIWI
    participant P as Partner
    Note left of B: The client made a payment for goods or services
    B->>P: Event notification (Signature, data)
    P->>P: Compute the signature
    P->>P: Compare with Signature
    Note over P: The computed result matches the value in Signature
    P->>B:  HTTP Status: 200 OK
    B->>B: Successful result of notification handling

Please note

If the notification is not received within 10 minutes after the transaction, it is necessary to send a status request for the transaction.

Computing the Digital Signature

To compute the signature, you need the string representation of the «secret» (secret) and of the data to be signed, i.e., of the parameters of the notification body (parameters).

The value of secret corresponds to the server notification key specified in the «Settings» section of the personal account.

Please note

It is necessary to securely store the secret and prevent unauthorized access to it.

The signature is computed for the following parameters of the notification body:

Operation type Parameters
PAYMENT • payment.paymentId
• payment.createdDateTime
• payment.amount.value
REFUND • refund.refundId
• refund.createdDateTime
• refund.amount.value
CAPTURE • capture.captureId
• capture.createdDateTime
• capture.amount.value
CHECK_CARD • checkPaymentMethod.requestUid
• checkPaymentMethod.checkOperationDate
PAYOUT • payout.payoutId
• payout.createdDateTime
• payout.amount.value

Signature Computation Algorithm

  1. Convert the values of the relevant parameters to string representation (UTF-8) and concatenate them into one string.


    parameters = {payment.paymentId}|{payment.createdDateTime}|{payment.amount.value}

  2. Compute the hash (HMAC) using the SHA256 algorithm: hash = HMAС(SHA256, secret, parameters).

The value from step 2 needs to be compared with the value of the Signature header in the notification.

Please note

In payment.amount.value the value must be a number with the fractional part.

❌ NO ✅ YES
1 1.00


The URL for receiving notifications is set for a specific siteId and specified in the personal account under the «Settings» section.

To specify the URL for a specific operation, use:

The URL must start with https, as notifications are sent via HTTPS on port 443. The URL must be accessible from the Internet.

The site certificate must be issued by a trusted certificate authority: Comodo, Verisign, Thawte, etc.

Notification Frequency

Notifications that QIWI considers unsuccessfully delivered are distributed in queues for resending:

  • 1 attempt with a delay of 5 seconds;
  • 1 attempt with a delay of 1 minute;
  • 3 attempts with a delay of 5 minutes each.

The time for resending attempts may increase.

Notification Example

Please note

The request is provided as an example: for the full list of notifications, their current format, and parameter set, refer to the «Server Notifications» section in the Payment API documentation.

Successful funds hold
  "payment": {
    "type": "PAYMENT",
    //paymentId required for payment confirmation
    "paymentId": "824c7744-1650-4836-abaa-842ca7ca8a74",
    "createdDateTime": "2022-07-27T12:43:35+03:00",
    "merchantSiteUid": "test-00",
    "status": {
        "value": "SUCCESS",
        "changedDateTime": "2022-07-27T12:43:47+03:00"
    "amount": {
        "value": 1.00,
        "currency": "RUB"
    "paymentMethod": {
        "type": "CARD",
        "maskedPan": "512391******6871",
        "cardHolder": null,
        "cardExpireDate": "3/2030"
    "tokenData": {
        "paymentToken": "cc123da5-2fdd-4685-912e-8671597948a3",
        "expiredDate": "2030-03-01T00:00:00+03:00"
    "customFields": {
        "cf2": "dva",
        "cf1": "1",
        "cf4": "4",
        "cf3": "tri",
        "cf5": "5",
        "full_name": "full_name",
        "phone": "phone",
        "contract_id": "contract_id",
        "comment": "test",
        "booking_number": "booking_number"
    "paymentCardInfo": {
        "issuingCountry": "643",
        "issuingBank": "Tinkoff Bank",
        "paymentSystem": "MASTERCARD",
        "fundingSource": "UNKNOWN",
        "paymentSystemProduct": "TNW|TNW|Mastercard® New World—Immediate Debit|TNW|Mastercard New World-Immediate Debit"
    "customer": {
        "email": "",
        "account": "11235813",
        "phone": "79850223243"
    "gatewayData": {
        "type": "ACQUIRING",
        "eci": "2",
        "authCode": "0123342",
        "rrn": "001239598011"
    "billId": "191616216126154",
    "flags": [
  "type": "PAYMENT",
  "version": "1"