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QIWI Documentation

General Information

Welcome to the QIWI Documentation Hub! Here you will find information about various payment and digital solutions offered by QIWI to our partners. Our array of services includes payment acceptance, money transfers, customer identification, and more.

Integration with QIWI’s services can be achieved through open APIs, which are described at The specific set of API methods depends on the specific business scenario.

About Documentation Hub

Our documentation is designed to serve two main audiences:

  • Developers of companies using for establishing informational interaction with QIWI.
  • Participants involved in the technical integration process with QIWI.

Here you will find:

  • Examples of using open APIs.
  • Links to detailed API descriptions.
  • Other documentation to guide you through the process of integrating QIWI’s payment and digital solutions.


For an enhanced reading experience, we recommend opening all links in separate tabs. Simply right-click on the link and select «Open link in new tab».